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On Wheels In BCN

The whole On Wheels team went in Barcelona to enjoy the endless summer that the city has to offer. The result is a pretty cool video of them shredding it under the sun! Rain Randvali has few clips in it, check them out!

Michal vs Winter

Michal vs Winter
Good to have some news from Michal! He is still riding a lot even with the frozen Polish winter!

Kenneth in DDASC

​Kenneth did it again! We told you he is everywhere! Here is a cool video of Kenneth shredding Daniel Dhers' skatepark. The last trick is pretty insane! Check this out!

Dedication : Ola’s new video

Our favourite Norwegian Ola Selsjord have been working super hard on his new video and the result is amazing ! Tons of bangers, great filming and editing skills, it is definitely a must watch!

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