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Welcome to the team Valentin Cotot

We are very happy to welcome another French in our team. His name is Valentin Cotot, he is a a great street rider. Our distributor Ezco picked him up and we proud to provide frame and parts to this great dude! ​check the welcome to the team video filled of great street moves.

Great bike check from China : Sam Leung

Great bike check from China : Sam Leung
Sam Leung lives in Peking city, in China (for those who wonder, Peking = Beijing). He contacted us a few weeks ago. He needed our help to localize Superstar parts he wanted to buy. Now that the bike is ready, he sent us his bike check, just the way we like them : nice photos and clear list of parts.

Flagship in the USA : Kevin Ellsworth

Flagship in the USA : Kevin Ellsworth
Kevin Ellsworth lives Cumberland, Maryland. Even without Superstar distributor in the USA, Kevin really wanted to ride a Superstar frame. We’ve helped him to purchase a frame from another Superstar distributor. Thanks to Ortiz BMX in Mexico, Kevin now rides a 2014 Flagship frame.

Ola and Kostya’s trip

Ola and Kostya's trip
Ola and Kostya were on a week long trip to northern countries, they had tons of fun, rode cool spots and meet a lot of riders. They ended their trip to Baltic Games, which is one of the biggest european BMX contest. Ola took the win and Kostya scored the 4th position! Riders from all over the world were there! Big congrats to them!

Team Superstar at #GGfest

Ola Selsjord and Oskars Zajarskis were in Latvia for the Ghetto Games, which is the best event in the country regarding extreme sports. All of them were having fun, Oskars finished 4th in dirt and Ola 2nd in Park. Here are few pictures of our riders and a quick edit of the general event where you can watch few tricks of Ola! ...

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